Progressive Latina for Congress - Texas Democratic Primary: March 3rd 2020

Rosey Ramos Abuabara

People of Texas, make your voice heard! Show your power, the power of the people! It's time for women, men, young, old, LGBTQ, people of color and of all economic means to take action. We must stop the destruction of our democracy by this corrupt president, his criminal regime and its enablers. We will fight injustice, discrimination, economic exploitation and racism. Together we are strong. Together we will defeat the entrenched special interests, corporations, and obscenely rich individuals who have captured so much power and stolen so much wealth. The time has come fight to take back control of our health, our employment, our government. Our lives depend on it. As an experienced grassroots activist, Rosey is well prepared to meet that challenge with courage, intelligence, creativity and a full commitment to reclaim the rights, freedoms, and prosperity that should be guaranteed to all Americans. Be a part of the movement, join Rosey in her fight to transform the 23rd Congressional District, Texas, and America to places that reflect progressive values, where ALL people can prosper, not just the privileged few.


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