Progressive Latina for Congress - Texas Democratic Primary: March 3rd 2020

Rosey Ramos Abuabara

Rise Up, Fight Back,LEVÁNTATE

Working People of Texas! Make your voice heard and reclaim your power in the halls of congress. It's time for women, men, young, old, LGBTQ, people of color and of all economic means to take action. It's time to reverse the destruction of our democracy by a corrupt president, his criminal administration and its enablers in congress. It's time to fight injustice, discrimination and racism. Together we are strong. Together we will overcome the malicious forces working to pervert our democracy into a corrupt authoritarian shadow of it's former self. Together we will rout entrenched special interests. Together, we will defeat those in government eager to sacrifice the people's wellbeing to profit themselves and their wealthy corporate allies. As an experienced grassroots activist, Rosey knows the difficulty and danger of the battle that lies ahead. She will meet that challenge with courage, intelligence, creativity and an unflagging commitment to reclaim your rights, freedoms, health, and economic prosperity. Be a part of the movement, join Rosey in our fight to preserve our constitution and our sacred democracy.

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