A Progressive Latina for Congress - Texas Democratic Primary: March 3rd 2020

Rosey Ramos Abuabara

Rosalinda "Rosey" Ramos Abuabara is an outspoken, dynamic grassroots activist dedicated to progressive democratic values and a lifelong resident of Texas U.S. Congressional District 23. A San Antonio native and mother of three, she is a bilingual Mexican-American who has experienced firsthand the hardships of poverty and discrimination. Daughter of a union bus driver and a dressmaker, Rosey earned a communications degree from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. She worked many years as an office manager and administrator for her husband’s surgical practice serving low income San Antonians. This experience has helped her hone her people skills, and has given her intimate knowledge of issues affecting the Hispanic community which serve her well as an advocate for the district.

Rosey has been a Bexar County Democratic precinct chair and has been active with the grassroots activist group TX23 Indivisible. She has organized, attended and spoken at numerous rallies, protests and events promoting immigrant, women’s and LGBTQIA rights in conjunction with activist organizations including Texas Organizing Project, Planned Parenthood, MOVE Texas,Interfaith Welcome Coalition and many others. She has worked one-on-one with newly arrived immigrants assisting them in getting needed legal, lodging and transportation help.

Within the 23rd U.S. congressional district, she has been an outspoken critic of congressman Will Hurd, calling out his failure to represent the interests of the people of the district, as well as his complicity in the corruption and degradation of the government by the current administration. An eloquent speaker for the progressive movement, Rosey has appeared multiple times in news articles and television appearances and become a respected and powerful voice for her district and for Texas. Unafraid to speak truth to power, Rosey can be counted on to uphold a high standard of honesty, transparency and ethical behavior from herself and from elected officials and candidates of all parties.

With her relentless determination and strong work ethic, Rosey will focus on reinvigorating Texas’ progressive base, and empowering and motivating more Texans to participate in the political process. She believes a shared vision of a stronger, freer and economically just America. As a staunch defender of people affected by right-wing attacks on immigrants, people of color, voting rights, women’s health, and worker’s rights she will never stop fighting injustice. As Representative for TX-23 she will be a powerful advocate for Texans who have long been disenfranchised and disempowered.

"I pledge to preserve and advance the freedoms and rights framed in our constitution. I will work tirelessly in the 23rd district, and in Washington to help create an ethical, transparent, responsive government elected and controlled by ALL the people, not just the wealthy and well connected. At a time when the very basis of our democracy is being undermined by an authoritarian administration and aided by a complicit congress, I have chosen to run to help free our country from the grip these anti-democratic forces. With your help, we will reclaim freedom, dignity, and prosperity for all Americans. We will defeat the corrupt, cynical and greedy interests of wealth and privilege, and return power to where it belongs, the working people of Texas and of America."

- Rosey Ramos Abuabara

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